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Facial Volume Treatment
in Blue Springs Missouri

Dermal Fillers in Blue Springs Missouri, more commonly called facial fillers, are perfect for patients looking for facial volume treatments in Blue Springs Missouri. Dermal Fillers are FDA approved and can help fill in creases and lines, plumping up the lips and cheeks, and enhancing facial contours.

What It Treats

Facial Volume Loss
Thin Lips
Sagging Skin
Aging Hands

Areas It Treats


Procedure Time

30-45 minutes

Recovery Time

Minimal to None

Different Types
of Dermal Fillers


Depending on your area of concern, Ravello Med Spa will recommend the appropriate dermal filler for your goals.
The most common types of dermal fillers are Juvederm, Volbella, Voluma and Radiesse.


Juvederm in Blue Springs Missouri is a dermal filler used to add volume to different areas of the face. Juvederm can add volume to cheeks naturally, smooth parentheses lines, or plump the lips. Dermal Filler results by Ravello Med Spa are subtle and long-lasting.


Volbella in Blue Springs Missouri is a dermal filler used to increase lip volume and overcome the effects of “smoker’s lines” and acne scarring in the face.


Radiesse in Blue Springs Missouri is used to smooth facial wrinkles, facial folds and the crease between the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. In addition, Radiesse can improve loss volume to the back of the hands.


Voluma is a cheek filler in Blue Springs Missouri designed to increase volume to your cheeks to lift the skin’s surface and contour the cheek area.

Are Dermal Fillers right for you?

At Ravello Med Spa, we are dedicated to providing care and service beyond our customer’s expectations. Contact our clinic today for a free one hour consultation to discover which services are best for you.

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